Provide high quality services to clients.

Strive for personal satisfaction and creative fulfillment

Sustain a successful business.


Assist clients with the many processes involved in building an environment
, whether site work, a building, or interiors, and whether the environment is intended as a place to live, a place to work, a place to recreate, a place to worship or an investment.  Creating a built environment, which satisfies the client’s needs, gives form to their ideas and reaches their goals, is an involved process requiring effective communication.  Initiation of an effective dialog and hence a good foundation for the building process is critical at the earliest stages of a project.  It is vitally important that the client and the architect understand the explicit as well as implicit needs, ideas and goals.  It is also imperative that the client understand the normal workings of the building industry which affect his project, whether it be architectural design, engineering design, building codes, labor union policies, tenant lease structures or weather conditions.

Offer a menu of services from rezoning and platting through design, construction document production, bidding / negotiating, construction administration / observation to closeout.

Provide services for a client which are relative
to the specific situation, that is, the type, breadth and comprehensiveness as determined by the client's needs, goals, time available, time required, fees, unique problems, and complexities. There are vast differences in the type and extent of services needed and justified for a builder's subdivision house versus the renovation of a historical downtown building, just as in the volume of documentation necessary for a negotiated contract for a speculative office building versus a bid contract for a municipal recreation center.

Aim for excellent service
regardless of the type or size of project.  A primary criterion of the quality of service is client satisfaction.


The measures of success are a satisfied client, a project to be proud of and financial soundness.

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